Danxia Landform

The Danxia land form is located in China. The Danxia land form pictured above is hard to believe that it isn’t a Photoshop or just simply a fake.  The landscape was made naturally it consists of many colors that make it pop out. The colors are orange, yellow, and red to green. Most of the land form is covered in colors which also includes waterfalls which was naturally made and not human made.

Hang Son Doong located in Vietnam

Hang Son Doong is the worlds largest cave which is 5+ miles long. The Hang Son Doong cave has a river, jungle. The Hang Son cave was a mystery to all of us, but around 5 years ago a man discovered the massive cave which now a tour company will give you a tour around the massive place. The man who found the Hang Son was afraid to go inside because it had a very steep slope and was scared to fall to his death .Tours will be available to the public next year so make sure you signup for the adventure.

Mendenhall Ice Caves – Alaska

The Mendenhall glacier located in Juneau, Alaska is 10 miles long of ice.  As many people know Alaska is a popular place to visit, but rarely few people come and visit the ice cave. The global temperatures have started melting the Mendenhall Ice cave causing it to lose about 2 miles of ice. The only way to come to Mendenhall is either by a kayak or long hike. As seen in the above picture the water has started carving the insides of the cave creating a amazing view for everyone.

Beijing, China


This beautiful place is located in Beijing, China. This is how the city looks at night, it is absolutely beautiful. It is a beautiful city with great food and transportation. Bicycle’s is the main transportation in Beijing. So if you ever get a chance, you can buy a bicycle and drive around the cycle around the beautiful city. Beijing is also the capital of China. Beijing has had a huge change over the last couple of decades. Beijing has been the symbol of Chinese power. Beijing has a beautiful history and a beautiful culture. This is one of the most prettiest places in the world.  There is so many amazing things that you can do in the city of Beijing.

Tunnel of love



As you may think this picture is from a movie. Actually you’re wrong this is the Tunnel of love which is located in Ukraine. The Tunnel of love can be found deep in Ukraine’s forests. You may think to your self was this a made man tunnel or did nature build it? The answer is that nature has made it by growing freely around man-made structures. It took man decades for the tunnel to look how it does today. An interesting fact about this tunnel is that hence the name it’s used by lovers to make a wish. People say if the couple is truly in love and they come to the Tunnel of love their wishes will come true. Come visit the Tunnel of love in Ukraine to see if your wish comes true.

Bolivia Salar de Uyuni


Salar de Uyuni located in Bolivia has 3,000+ square foot miles of salt spread throughout across Bolivia. That makes Salar De Uyuni the largest salt flat on the planet. An interesting fact is that during rain the desert which is made out of salt is transformed to an big salt lake, making it only 5-19 inches deep.


Wisteria Flower Tunnel

Wisteria Flower Tunnel is located in Kitakyushu, Japan. The incredible garden hosts 150 Wisteria flowering plants that include over 19 different kinds of species. If you take a close look at the picture the main attraction of the Wisteria flower tunnel is that it allows tourists to walk down a tunnel that is fulfilled with colors. If you are thinking of visiting the private Wisteria flower tunnel the best time to visit is from April til late May.



Beautiful Place In Maldives


Maldives is located in Asia. It’s a very beautiful place to just relax either alone or with your family and just have a great time. The view is absolutely gorgeous. Maldives is one of the most beautiful countries in the whole world.